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 Roadburn 2010 recordings streaming online

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PostSubject: Roadburn 2010 recordings streaming online   Thu Jun 24, 2010 3:34 pm

This link will take you to all of the available recordings from Roadburn 2010. http://www.roadburn.com/audio-streams/

Quote :
Finally, the volcanic dust has (almost) settled! For everyone no longer fighting short term memory loss and extreme fatigue caused by sleep deprivation and sensory overload, get ready to re-live the highlights of Roadburn Festival 2010.

For everyone who could not make it due to the mighty Eyjafjallajokull eruption, now is your time to enjoy the festival without any hassles. And for everyone who could not magically clone ourselves to simultaneously catch all of the action in the Bat Cave, Green Room, Midi Theatre and Main Hall and felt kind of bummed about it, cheer up!

We are pleased to announce that VPRO 3voor12, which is the leading cultural media network in the Netherlands, has posted additional on-demand audio streams for your Roadburn 2010 listening pleasure.

Online now! Performances by Eyehategod, Jex Thoth (Saturday, April 17th), Jex Thoth (Roadburn Afterburner), Comus, Astra, Sons of Otis, (Thursday, April 15th), Eagle Twin (Thursday, April 15th), Eagle Twin (Friday, April 16th, including Ascend’s Fog, featuring Greg Anderson on guitar) and LongDistanceCalling are currently available on-demand. Enjoy!

As many of you already know, nearly all of the performances at Roadburn 2010 were recorded. Right now we are still busy mixing, but you can be sure that we will share the finished results with you as soon as they are ready!

Here's a list of the performances currently available.

Thursday, April 15th


Midi Theatre:
Sons of Otis

Green Room:

Bat Cave:
Eagle Twin

Friday, April 16th – Only Death Is Real

Main stage:

Green Room:
Pagan Altar

Bat Cave:
Eagle Twin (including Ascend’s Fog, featuring Greg Anderson on guitar)

Midi Theatre (as part of the Roadburn Festival):

Saturday, April 17th

Death Row

Midi Theatre:
Brant Bjork
Jex Thoth

Green Room:
Karma To Burn

Bat Cave:
The Machine
The Lamp of Thoth

Sunday, April 18th – Roadburn Afterburner

Green Room:
Jex Thoth
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Roadburn 2010 recordings streaming online
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